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Gefunden: #15 Rondje Bourtange ~ Bourtange

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After our not-found two days ago, we ask the Owner for a little hint. Thanks for the very quick response. With the secure right coordinates we search again and again. Now we know every leaves with the first name. After an hour A calls "Here it is" and we can write our note into the logbook *jipee*

Bedankt voor de cache en Groeten uit de Oostzee / www.lost-in-mv.de

[#HSCA, A, 12:15, hike, 03]
Owner: We-Team
Typ: multi
D/T: 1.5/1.5
Land: Niederlande
Region: Groningen
Koordinaten : N 53° 0.556 E 007° 11.402
Gelegt: 25.10.2009
Status: archived
Gefunden: 05.06.2011
Team: HSCA
Finder: A
Fundzeit: 12:15
Hin: hike
Eigene Wertung: 0
Gesamtzahl Bewertungen: 19
Durchschnitt: 3.8421052631579
Median: 4
1 Sterne Wertung(en): 0
2 Sterne Wertung(en): 0
3 Sterne Wertung(en): 5
4 Sterne Wertung(en): 12
5 Sterne Wertung(en): 2